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04 Sep 2010
by extralearn

The Advanced Diploma in Administrative Management

This diploma has been developed for individuals who want to enhance their career prospects, gain a professional qualification and have the opportunity to progress to the final year of a degree program. The Advanced Diploma will equip you to operate at senior levels in any organization, allowing you to use your knowledge and experience to deliver solutions as  a manager in today's business world.

The Advanced Diploma is accredited as a Level 5 qualification and the holders of both ; the Diploma and the Advanced Diploma are eligible for progression on to the final year of first degree programs run by numerous universities. The qualification is assessed through externally marked examinations.

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Teesside - iam Progression letter.PDF (156.90 kb)

UWIC- iam- Progression letter.pdf (360.17 kb)

IAM Diploma and Advanced Diploma ( 2 years )

3 rd year entry into :

·        BA ( Hons ) Business Management

·        BA ( Hons ) International Management

3 rd year entry into:

·        BA ( Hons ) Business & Management Studies

·        BA ( Hons ) International Business  Administration

Units at a glance:

Administrative systems in the organisations.pdf (44.74 kb)

This unit examines the framework and tools to critically assess how the objectives and techniques of organisational improvement can be used to enhance the performance of organisational processes.

 Strategic issues in administration.pdf (45.40 kb)

This unit introduces some of the concepts of higher level business thinking and develops awareness of the contemporary issues that are essential to successful professional development.

 Administrative Management of Resources.pdf (42.59 kb)

The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of the key principals involved in managing finance, projects and facilities.

Human resource management and practice.pdf (43.62 kb)

This unit provides the understanding needed to effectively utilize models of personnel management and human resource management and implement leadership strategies.

Case study or project report.pdf (39.01 kb)

The case study paper is designed to test the application of knowledge and skills acquired during the course to a real life situation. Alternatively a report demonstrating the application of the same knowledge and skills within a project can be completed outside of examinations.

The first four units are assessed through externally marked ( in UK) examinations, administered four times each year. The project report/ case study is initially assessed by an Internal Verifier and approved by External Verifier ( from IAM).

Diploma - Entry Requirements ( any one )

  • Diploma in Administrative Management from IAM.
  • Level 4 qualification
  • Mark sheet showing a pass percentage of 1st year Degree program from a recognized University or College.

 Advanced Diploma - Duration

1-2 years depending on the time that you put into the program. You can re-sit for any unit more than once to improve your grade

Benefits to Students:

  • Operate comfortably and effectively at senior levels

  • Use your knowledge and experience creatively to deliver organisational improvements

  • Prove your ability to operate as a senior manager


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